Memorial Candle Wedding Ceremony

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Memorial Ceremony Idea


If you’ve lost a parent beloved grandparent, or friend, a brief memorial of them at your wedding is a fitting way to acknowledge their presence with you spiritually, and in your hearts. In the ceremony you can honor one or two specific people, or you can ask us to structure part of the ceremony to include a general acknowledgment of loved ones who are not able to join you for your wedding.


The most common Wedding Memorials are candles, which can be lit at the beginning of your ceremony after you have walked up the aisle or if this is someone your fiance has lost, it can be just after you join him. You could also choose to light the memorial candle right  before your unity candle ceremony or sand ceremony. You can do this any way you want. You may also display a single rose or flower arrangement in a vase and we can ask for a moment of silence or prayer. These are a few suggestions possible. We will be happy to help you with this.

Here are some ceremony ideas that can be modified to fit your own situation.


Before Your Unity Candle Ceremony


“Before [Name] and [Name] light a candle to symbolize their union, they will light a candle in honor of [Loved One], whom they dearly miss, and who they know is present with them here today.”


Silent Prayer


“Our community is shared, if in a different way, by those who have passed beyond this life. Their roles in the lives of [Name] and [Name] are no less remembered and honored as we savor today’s joyous moments. Join with us, then, in remembering and honoring all these people, and in particular [Names of deceased family and friends]. In their memory, let us pray silently together for just a moment.”  There are many variations that have been used in prior wedding ceremonies in remembrance.








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