Blended Family Wedding

Blended Family Weddings

The inclusion of children from a previous marriage in the wedding ceremony is an important event in celebrating the new family.              

Here is a sample ceremony for blending your family and including children. There are several other variations that we have used.

Officiant: As we give thanks [to God] for the love which brings [name] and [name] together, so too, we recognize the merging of families taking place and the additional love and responsibility that family and friends bring to this relationship.

At this time the couple can present children with a Family Medallion or other something that will be presented to the child/children.


 The following words may be read by the couple or by the officiant as the couple gives the children the symbolic presentation.

Officiant: [Children’s names] we present to you this [item] as a symbol of you becoming part of our new family. In giving you this we pledge our continuing love and support as we surround you with our care and protection.