Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

                              The Chinese Tea Ceremony


The Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

The Tea Ceremony is an ancient Chinese wedding tradition believed by some to be witnessed by the couple’s ancestors as the wedding couple shows respect to their parents and families. Tea is used because it is universally available and is China’s national drink.

Traditional Ceremony

There are many variations of the Wedding Tea Ceremony, from elaborate ceremonies over many days in which the entire three generations of bride’s family is honored at one time and the groom’s family at another, to more simple ceremonies honoring parents and grandparents.

Modern Adaptation

The more modern tradition in the West is celebrated on the day of the wedding when both families are honored . The ceremony is either before or after the wedding, in private or public, but increasingly during the wedding ceremony itself.

After the vows, the newlyweds kneel and serve tea first to the groom’s parents with the bride kneeling in front of her father in law and the groom in front of his mother. Then they serve it to the bride’s parents with the groom in front of his father in law and the bride to her mother.

The tea is served held with both hands handed to them by the best man and maid of honor or other chosen assistants who pour the tea, replace the cups and move the kneeling cushions.

A Complete Tea Ceremony

Traditionally the colors of a Chinese wedding are red and gold with the wedding symbol of Double Happiness used extensively.

Essentials for the ceremony are; Tea Set, tea ceremony candles, table runner, kneeling pillows and red decorations such as lanterns, balloons, and large paper cut-outs of the double happiness symbol.