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Unity Coins are a contemporary version of the traditional wedding coins called Arras Coins in the Philippines and Spain and are used throughout the world in many cultures.


The thirteen coins, either gold or silver in color, represent the universal tenets of marriage; Love, Trust, Commitment, Respect, Joy, Happiness, Harmony, Wisdom, Wholeness, Nurturing, Caring, Cooperation and Peace.


The coins represent the groom’s commitment to support his family and the couple’s dedication to mutually contribute to the relationship.


During the ceremony the officiant receives the coins from a coin bearer and blesses them.


Sample Coin Ceremony


Officiant: Lord, bless these coins. Grant that [name] and [name]may enjoy not only the material possessions of this life but abundant spiritual blessings as well.


The officiant hands the coins to the groom who then pours half of them into the hands of the bride.


Officiant:These coins in your hands are a sign that your blessings are not separate but mutually given to you by the God from whom all blessings flow.


The coins are returned to the coin bearer or placed on a table.                              Deluxe Silver Unity Coin Chest Set

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