Wedding Vow Renewal: How to Retie the Knot

Whether you’re about to celebrate your 25th blissful year of marriage or want to take time from your busy lives to recapture your wedding memories and create new ones, renewing your wedding vows — can really capture the essence of your love for each other and the journey of your lives so far. Maybe you want to say again the words you said last week on the beach, in front of all your nearest and dearest family and friends. Or you’d like to refer to history, reminding yourselves of what you promised all those years ago.

Here are vow renewal questions to consider and help you:

Who Renews Their Vows?

No matter is you’re “formalizing” your elopement, commemorating an anniversary, or marking the end of a difficult time in your lives together – your vow renewal will give the two of you a way to celebrate your love and create a meaningful celebration. Some couples decide to renew their vows to finally have the big wedding celebration they couldn’t afford when they first got married. Maybe you recently went through a traumatic time together (say, one of you was dangerously ill) and you want to reaffirm your commitment to each other. Or, you’ve made it to 10, 25, or 50 years together and you want the world to know that you’d do it all over again if you could.


Who Hosts a Renewal?

Sometimes children host a renewal of vows for their parents. But many couples host their own renewals.


How Soon After The First Ceremony Can You Renew?

A reaffirmation can take place literally anytime after the actual wedding — the next day or 30 years later.  There i s one couple that has renewed their vows every year just so they stay focused on their marriage. You can also reserve your vow renewal for milestone years or every 5 years- you decide what works for you.


Where Should It Be?

You can renew your vows at your home, on the beach, in a pretty garden or park, on a mountaintop, or on a cruise — basically, anywhere that has sentimental meaning for both of you.


You might choose to have an intimate reaffirmation with just the three of us where it will be very romantic and private. You could invite just close family and friends who’ve known you through the years. Or it can be a blowout party for your extended family and circle of friends.  This is really the opportunity to renew your promises and focus on each other. It is a favorite of mine- finding the right words for the couple to renew their vows in a unique and meaningful way. If you need suggestions and guidance we can work together to incorporate what is important to the tow of you.