Wedding Ceremonies

28 Aug

How To Make The Wedding Ceremony The Focus Of Your Wedding Day

You have your very own love language as a couple. You have a song or several songs that say exactly what you feel about each other. You call each other endearing names. You probably even have texting code meant for you alone. Your love connection is strong. Your wedding ceremony can encompass all that your love means to each other.

In other words, your wedding ceremony should be a reflection of that love and commitment. Think of ways that you can add those personal touches. Why not have that song read because after all songs are poetry. Call each other by those endearing names as you repeat your vows. Not only will your family and friends feel more connected to the two of you but you can find ways of incorporating them as well into the ceremony itself.

Start thinking about the wedding ceremony a few months out.  What elements are a must such as saying your own vows or having a Sand Ceremony. These are moments that will be engraved in your memory forever. Most couple wait until a few weeks before but you can be different. Add an exciting element such as fireworks or a seashell blessing at the shore line from each of your guests. Perhaps you want a Ring Warming or a Bell Ringing in remembrance of family members that have passed.

You see, making your wedding ceremony  more about the two of you will give you the right start as you become husband and wife. The wedding ceremony is the highlight for everyone including your groom as he sees you for the first time that day. There is so much anticipation as you begin walking down the aisle as the most beautiful bride ever. Put the focus in the ceremony as everyone follows your grand entrance. If you need ideas or help with this just call me and I will guide you though planning an amazing wedding ceremony.

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