Ceremony Magic

28 Jul

Your wedding ceremony is full of magic. It’s the one time in your life where time seems to stand still as you become husband and wife. You no longer worry about the wedding plans. You don’t think about cell phones, bills, and your long To Do List. You forget about everything thta stressed you out in the moments right before the start of the ceremony. As a wedding officiant, I have seen it time and again. Time seems to stand still and in those moments, it is only the too of you. For me, that is magical.

I know that this is the major reason that I enjoy officiating so much. It is seeing the couple come together and relax at the mere sight of each other. That alone is magical. It is the look in his eye as he catches that first glimpse of you walking down the aisle. It is the joy on your face as you finally see your dreams coming true.  The first time you touch as all he formalities of the wedding ceremony have begun. You gaze at each other with such love and sheer joy.I can’t help but feel happy at  seeeing two people be so connected and in love .

The wedding vows are another magical moment. The depth of care and the way the nervousness melts away as you say your vows to each other is quite magical. Sometimes, there is laughter, sometimes tears. No matter what you hold each other’s hands and look into each other’s eyes and speak the vows in such a meaningful way.

Perhaps you will say that I am a hopeless romantic. That is true. The magical part for me is you.

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