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No two people are the same, no couple loves each other in the same way, so why must your wedding ceremony be the same? It shouldn’t! At Sacred Wedding Vows, David and I as your wedding officiant, strive to prepare each ceremony with the two of you in mind unless you choose to prepare your own wedding ceremony. And of course, we want your input as your wedding officiant. No Cookie Cutter Ceremonies. Especially with the celebration of love and joy, you deserve a wedding ceremony that has true meaning not only to you but your guests.

A wedding ceremony is more than just words, more than the wedding dress, the wedding flowers the wedding reception. It is a journey of two souls making a forever commitment to each other. A public commitment to love, honor and respect each other, You form a bond that is witnessed by all.  And so, you gather your family and friends together to witness this joining together of two lives and celebrate with you.  The words that are spoken as your wedding officiant and to each other creates the unspoken agreement that will guide your marriage. The wedding ceremony also sets the tone for your wedding reception and the fun celebration with your family and friends.

For this reason, your wedding ceremony can be created from the meaning of your love for one another and then put into words, crafted through the looking glass of your heart, through the moments of your relationship. The wedding ceremony can be dynamic and flow, promise, and express what you feel inside. As your wedding officiant, we want the wedding ceremony to be just right for the two of you.

Every wedding ceremony we officiate is created from your Love Story. Through your words and memories,  We will create an authentically unique Love Story that becomes your Wedding Ceremony. No two are ever the same!  Why accept anything less?

Call me today and we’ll create a meaningful, magical wedding ceremony, together!

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What you can expect and is included at no extra charge when we are your wedding officiant:

1. Initial 20 minute consultation: We get to know each other and make sure that we are a natural fit for one another, then we go over all your dreams and desires for the perfect ceremony and decide upon the personal key elements. (Vows, Ceremony Readings, Elements such as a Rose Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, Unity Candle, Unity Water, Rock Ceremony, Hand Fasting, Family Blending, Harmony Bell, etc

2. A beautiful, custom designed wedding ceremony that is your own personal love story and written with your specific considerations in mind as well. Your input and your personal ideas and the words you want to be included within your ceremony delivered professionally as your wedding officiant on your wedding day while sharing your journey as a couple in your unique love story with your family and friends.

3. Officiate at your ceremony to professionally perform as your wedding officiant or wedding celebrant on your wedding day. Wedding Ceremony Coordination including choreography of the processional and recessional as needed. I meet the coordinator at the venue you have chosen and make sure all the points are covered

4. Upon request, an electronically amplified service delivered so that everyone present can hear the words spoken and feel included in the ceremony.

5. Completion of your Marriage License and filed with the State where the marriage license was issued within 24 hours of the ceremony (weekend ceremonies or ceremonies performed on legal holidays will be filed on the first following legal working day).

You must supply the marriage license or if you are getting married in the State of Florida, consider using our Florida Marriage License By Mail Service (please note that extra fees apply) available only to Out Of State Residents to streamline your time so you can focus on family, friends, and the joy between the two of you!

6. A keepsake framed wedding certificate signed and notarized by the officiant and presented to the bride and groom on the day of the ceremony upon request.  (Not considered a “legal document” )

7. No additional travel charge or surcharges within a 25 one way mile radius of Tampa.

When you book your wedding with us you get 100 % of my attention and time. I promise that you will feel like your wedding is the only wedding we are doing.

And of course, we are available for you by phone and email up to the day of your wedding.

Licensed and bonded in the State Of Florida.

Please take a moment to read and understand our “no surprises-no hidden fees policy.” They ensure that you always get what you pay for, protect your valuable wedding day investment and are exceptionally pleased with your choosing us as your officiant on the most important day of your life.

Due to fluctuating fuel prices, any officiant services outside the 25 one way mile Tampa metropolitan radius will incur a per mile surcharge or flat rate travel charge. The expense for an overnight stay by the officiant due to the requirements of the wedding party will be the sole responsibility of the wedding party. The officiant promises to be present and fully prepared at the appointed time. If the time of service is delayed by any member of the wedding party for any reason an additional charge may occur. (This does not include unforeseen inclement weather in the event of outdoor ceremonies which understandably cannot be helped.) The wedding party is solely responsible for procuring a legal marriage license in advance of the ceremony and delivering it to the officiant on or before the day of the wedding. A legal and binding contract will be signed by both parties and all fees paid in advance before a ceremony will be designed or delivered on the day of service. Dates and times for services are booked on a first come basis. No date will be reserved before a deposit is received. Because you contractually reserve this date and time, no other weddings can be reserved for that time by the officiant, therefore “Deposits for dates are non refundable”.

Additional fees for the presence of the officiant at any rehearsals will apply.

“Personal Meetings” that involve travel by the officiant will be negotiated according to time and distance and are not included in the package price.

We do not include “wedding planning” services in this package. However, we have a fully qualified and well established, award winning wedding planner on staff to serve you with any additional needs you may have from “day of the wedding” to ceremony decor with Bamboo Arches and Flowers for the full bridal party to “complete wedding detail and logistics service.”  Check out these services on our links page. The terms of this policy are legally binding and non-negotiable.

For over twelve years we have prided ourselves on our “up front-no hidden fees” business ethics and the personal satisfaction of our clients. Call us if you have any questions, we are always happy to answer all inquiries concerning our policies. 

Call  us to set up your consultation at 813 690-4448