Florida Marriage License By Mail Application

Marriage License By Mail Procedure

The application process & the steps to be taken:-

Please also ensure that you will be able to go to see a notary public together for step 7 – if you are not in the same place i.e. same State, this service will not be suitable for you and you should attend a courthouse together once you arrive in Florida.


Step 1 – Complete the online license application form, and e mail it to us, or you are welcome to mail it to us.


Step 2 – Make the online payment by credit card. No personal checks are accepted.


Step 3 – Email scanned copies of your passport photo page (overseas couples only) or drivers’ license (US applicants only). If you do not have a scanner then you have to mail them. Faxed copies do not transmit clearly. Where possible please try and do steps 1 – 3 all at the same time, this will speed up your application.


Step 4 – Once Steps 1 – 3 have been received, we will submit the application to the courthouse along with payment – sent regular mail.


Step 5 – Once we receive the marriage license application back from the courthouse, we will return it to you via email along with a ‘Marriage License in Absentia’ statement that confirms you have read the Florida Law Handbook and a letter detailing the next steps to be taken, as explained below. If you do not receive your application back within 10 days of the original submission please contact us, as we may be experiencing problems with your e mail address.


Step 6 – Click here for the Florida Law Handbook. You will have to sign the ‘Marriage License in Absentia’ statement to say that you have read this handbook.


Step 7 – The application, along with the ‘Marriage License in Absentia’ statement and copies of your passports (overseas couples only) or drivers licenses (US couples only), MUST BE SIGNED BY A PUBLIC NOTARY PUBLIC*. (Click here to find a Notary Public if you are in the UK).

You should ensure that the copies of the application and Marriage License are printed on white paper and that the Public Notary stamps the license in the correct area – incorrect stamping will not be acceptable and will delay the processing time.


Step 8 – The application, statement and copies of passports (overseas couples only) or driver’s licenses (US couples only). should then be returned to us at the address given on the letter and should all have been notarized. You will have sent copies of your passports/drivers license with your initial application, but a notarized copy of them will be required by the courthouse at this stage.


Step 9 – We will then arrange to have your notarized license sent to the courthouse so that is issued in time for your wedding.


Step 10 – Your license will be either returned to you (US couples only), if time permits (regular mail unless you pay for Fed Ex service) , if not we will request the details of whom you have booked your wedding with here in Florida. For (overseas couples only) it sent to the wedding company / coordinator you are working with here in



If the time frame is tight, then you may wish to consider paying for a courier services. Our preferred courier service is Fed Ex Service, pricing for this is $35.00 irrespective of service used – i.e. overnight, 2 day etc. within the US only. We do not Fed Ex out of the US.

* If for any reason 20 days prior to the wedding all paperwork has not been received we reserve the right to refuse you application and ask you to go to the nearest courthouse on arrival into Florida, no refund will be given.


We cannot accept responsibility for any licenses lost in the mail or mailings sent to the incorrect address, if we were not advised of a different address from the one that payment was made with.


*additional fees will apply.