Marriage Preparation is the most important part of planning your wedding day.

How do you prepare for your own marriage and protect the love that you feel for each other so that it lasts forever?

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Marriage Preparation prevents disappointment and encourages the deepest level of connection possible between the two of you.

With a national divorce rate hovering around fifty percent, you need an edge. Prepare now for a marriage that will last.

You’re engaged. The date is set. The wedding plans are in motion. The biggest event of your life is being planned and proves to be the happiest day of your life and it is just a few months away.

Bliss becomes stress as you feel the pressure of wedding planning. There are so many decisions to be made and as you make each one, another follows and adds to your never-ending Wedding “To Do” List. Your wedding dress, formalwear, dates, deposits. Banquet hall or caterer? Band or DJ? Where to honeymoon? Who’s in the bridal party? Flower selection, budget decisions, guest list.


After the big day, so many brides have said, “The day just flew by!” Couples realize they invested dozens of man-hours, over a several month period, planning an event that lasts just one day. And when the party’s over, reality sets in: we’re married now! It is never what you expect.

A wedding is a complex celebration. There are many elements to coordinate, decisions to make and deadlines to meet to make your day the memorable experience you want it to be. This once-in-a-lifetime event deserves your attention. But, could you imagine how much better you will be prepared for your marriage by doing taking one class – Marriage Preparation Course?

Let’s look at life beyond your wedding day for just a moment . . .

How long do you want your marriage to your last?  Ten, twenty. thirty, forty, fifty years? That’s a long time. Is the time you expect to be married, proportional to how prepared you are for the reality of marriage? 

As an engaged couple, you may find it hard to believe that you will ever fight or disagree during your marriage. But there are usually a lot of unanswered questions that can cause huge conflicts, such as: Who is going to take care of the finances and how are we going to spend our money? Who is going to wash the clothes and the dishes? Who is going to cook dinner? When are we going to have children? How do you parent vs how I think we should parent? What about blending our two families?  How do we decide what family to be with for Holidays? Who will be the primary breadwinner?

These might seem like small details, but if you will work these things out before marriage, it will save you a lot of arguments and hurt.  The Marriage Preparation Course will take you through a study of your relationship, helping you ask the right questions and guiding you with practical insights.

Think past the wedding. What will marriage really be like? Do you really know your future partner? What baggage are you both bringing in to the relationship? Are you compatible? How do you prepare for the inevitable speed bumps ahead? What are your odds of success in this divorce-crazy world?

Put your plans on pause and invest in something that matters–your marriage. Preparing for your marriage will bring you true closeness, growth and happiness.

Here’s my checklist for marriage preparation.

  • Discovery
  1.  Relationship Assessment, showing you where growth is needed in your relationship.
  2. Top 5 Problem areas in marriage and how to avoid them
  3. Build a strong foundation


  • Knowledge – What is marriage?
  1.  Why knowing what you need from your partner and getting those needs met prevent divorce
  2. What each of us brings to the marriage
  3. Intimacy and Sexual Expression: Emotionally and Physically  Nourish Each Other
  4. Effective Communication and Conflict Styles
  5. Blending your approaches

  • Facing Changes Together That Marriage Brings
  1.  The Changing Nature of Marriage – knowing what the stages are and why they are normal

        2.  How your personal growth is vital to your success in your marriage

        3.  Adjusting to marriage

        4.  Mutual decision-making,

        5.  Goal Setting

        6.  Extended Family


  • The Ultimate Goal of Marriage is to Understand and Accept Each Other

1.  Eight Steps To A Healthy Marriage

2.  Expectations of your marriage and each other

3. Meeting each other’s needs

4. Your Vision For The Future

Right now, amidst the deposits and decisions, commit to a marriage that will last. Invest in your future, and your wedding day will last a lifetime

Consider the odds for a minute that you have a 50/50 chance of staying married.

This is an exciting time for the two of you. There is no other relationship that you will have that is as fulfilling as the one you will have as husband and wife. Marriage offers opportunities for sharing and growth that no other human relationship will ever give to you.

The connection that you have is strong, vibrant, and full of life. This is the perfect time to become even closer. This is one aspect of wedding planning that is all about the two of you.

Get started today by signing up for the 6-week Marriage Preparation Course. We have a lot of fun and this can be done via Skype, phone, conference calls, or if you are local- we can do this in person.