Sacred Wedding Vows Services Provide Officiants for Life’s Celebrations

 Wedding Ceremonies, Commitment Ceremonies, Vow Renewals, Baby Blessings, Celebrations of Life

alt="Wedding CelebrantsVows" We offer officiant services to not only help you create the right wedding ceremony but to be your personal guide and wedding officiant on your wedding day!

Sacred Wedding Vows creates custom ceremonies and helps you plan a wedding ceremony that is just right for the two of you. Wedding Ceremonies can be traditional, religious, humorous, spiritual, and non – traditional. Your officiant will guide you through every step of the way.

We have been wedding officiants at numerous locations throughout Tampa Bay including St. Pete Beach, Clearwater, Ft. De Soto, Siesta Key, Anna Maria Island, Honeymoon Island, Cocoa Beach, Sarasota, and so many more beach wedding and destination wedding locations.

 Baby Blessing:

In addition to officiating at weddings, we joyfully will be your officiant for your Baby Blessing Ceremony. During these baby blessing ceremonies, a new child is welcomed to the world with words of gratitude by the officiate and vows of commitment by the parents and godparents. Each ceremony is tailored to reflect the family’s hopes for the child to have a safe, happy, loving and fulfilling journey through life.

Delivered with happiness, warmth, hope for your child’s future, and gratitude, Baby Blessings are a wonderful way to include friends and family in an event that honors both child and parents. The Baby Blessing also includes anyone that you want to share in this celebration such as Grandparents, Siblings, and God Parents.alt="baby blessing ceremony"

A Baby Blessing is…

  • A beautiful way to celebrate new life
  • Welcome your child to the family with a ceremony
  • Bring the child into honor the family circle officially
  • An opportunity to thank God for the precious gift of your child
  • An opportunity to publicly declare your intentions to raise your child
  • A benchmark you can return to time and time again.
  • A family dedication and expression of the parents’ hopes and dreams for your child
  • Invite God Parents to look after your intentions as parents

                    Baby Dedication/Baby Blessing Ceremony

The Baby Blessing ceremony can be presided by your officiant at a Home, Park, Beach, Hotel, Restaurant, Country Club or any other venue of your choice. This package comes complete with a fully customized ceremony for the child, the parents, and Godparents (if applicable).

Celebrations of Life:

Families often want to celebrate the lives of their deceased loved ones with a Celebration of life ceremony.

Your Celebration of Life Officiant will help guide you through this.

alt="Tampa Officiant For Celebration Of Life"A celebration of life service focuses on the positive aspects of the deceased’s life and can be a great way to honor your loved one by bringing all the memories and the personality of the person into the ceremony. The officiant will take care of this for you to ensure your celebration of life is very personal and meaningful.

A Celebration of Life services typically focus on the positive, humorous, and encouraging aspects of the deceased’s life. It’s nice to smile and laugh together over the memories of a loved one along with remembrances of their endearing qualities or idiosyncrasies. Shared laughter can offer a break from the sadness, tension, and stress of loss, even if for a short time. For a moment, the departed loved one seems nearer as we remember and laugh together about the way they lived and loved life while sharing that with your family and friends.

The Celebration Of Life can be held at someone’s home, in a garden, on the beach, in a park, at a football stadium . . .  the options are endless!

How to plan a celebration of life memorial service:

  • Consider playing your loved one’s favorite music, song, or band. It does not have to be sacred music, and in most cases is not.
  • Do they have a favorite author, poet, TV show, movie, or sports team? Make reference to these.
  • Do you have photos or home videos? Consider a slideshow or movie showing.
  • How did your loved one like to celebrate? What did they do for fun? Can you create a moment where you do this together to honor the departed?
  • If your loved one were there, what would they suggest doing in their honor?
  • Have special friends or family tell a particular memory – this can be a funny or serious moment.

The Celebration Of Life service focuses on your loved one’s life, it lifts the survivors up and helps us begin again with strong, positive memories. There will always be sadness with the tremendous loss, but when we can smile in the midst of sadness – it puts us on the path to healing. And celebrating the unique life of our loved ones is a great way to honor their memories. As we celebrate in memoriam, we also help ourselves begin a positive healing process, and isn’t this what our loved one would want for us?

Marriage Preparation Classes:

Sacred Wedding Vows also helps you prepare for your marriage. We are able to provide you with an interactive, marriage preparation class so that you talk about things now and become more connected than ever before.

The Marriage Preparation Course

Why do the course?

If you’re like most people you prepare and plan for many things in life: education, career, retirement and holidays. And most couples spend up to 250 hours planning their wedding, but very little time, if any, planning for married life. There are many things you can do to begin building a lifelong, happy marriage. Investing in your relationship before you are married will reap rewards for many years to come. The whole idea is to initiate great conversations that open up a deeper understanding and connection that lasts a lifetime.

alt="Marriage Preparation Classes"