The Wedding Ceremony That Speaks Your Language of Love

Saying “I Do” on your Wedding Day

The day you become husband and wife is something that will live in your heart forever. There are many moments in your life together that you will absolutely cherish and your wedding ceremony is one of the biggest moments that you will treasure forever. Think about what it meant to you the day you first met, the day you first said ” I love you” and the day you were proposed to and received your engagement ring. True happiness.
The best part of being engaged is knowing that you will have someone to stand by your side, forever. As you start to plan your wedding day think back on all that has happened to the two of you up to this point in time. Think about what’s most important to you as a couple and bring that into your wedding day. The ceremony is a relection of your love and dynamic as a couple too. The wedding ceremony can be romantic, heartfelt, personal and meaningful, include family members, religious, have a fun side, be vey traditional, or not traditional at all.
The wedding ceremony is an outpouring of love and commitment, which magnifies the hopes, dreams, and promise of building your lives together sealing them with a kiss. Intertwining your love and willingness to stay devoted to each other.  Together you reach out and share the sheer joy you have  just experienced in becoming husband and wife with all your family and friends. What a lovely celebration to witness – the promise of love and all that brings to your lives. What a way to spend a lovely day with two people who have found the very one that makes life sweeter. Lucky guests. Lucky officiant.
Are you a modern couple, romantic couple, adventureous couple, traditional couple???
Now, imagine it’s your wedding day and you are about to walk down the aisle . . . what do you want to happen?  What does your vision look like???
What type of wedding ceremony will be perfect for you?  Florida Wedding Officiants 
How do we even go about planning our wedding ceremony?
You might want to do some things different from other weddings you have attended – so that your wedding day is even more meaningful to you. 
You want to feel completely prepared and ready – excited and not worried or stressed out beacuse everything is taken care of on your wedding day. 
Feeling great and confident about your wedding day is why we take the time with each couple to personalize your wedding ceremony and make your guests feel a big part of the joy and celebration.
From marriage prep classes, the couples center, wedding ceremony planning, wedding officiants, beach wedding packages, destination weddings, and life celebrations we will guide you through the process and make sure it feels right for YOU.
These are the things that we can help you with as your wedding officiant and marriage preparation facilitator.
We guide you every step of the way to help you plan the right wedding ceremony just for the two of you.Sacred Wedding Vows is located in Tampa Bay along the Florida Gulf Coast Beaches that are famous for their white sand and are a favorite Florida Destination Wedding Location for couples that want to marry on the beach.
alt="Wedding Ceremony Officiants"We want your wedding ceremony to be the most romantic and beautiful reflection that captures the heart of not only your individuality, family, and what you value and cherish in each other but the essence of your love and what it means to you to have this person in your life, forever. With the experience of hundreds of weddings performed as wedding celebrants, ministers, and wedding officiants, we can deliver the right wedding ceremony for your wedding day to meet your personal needs. Whether it’s an informal beach wedding at sunset or an elegant, formal catered affair you can be rest assured that the most important words you will ever hear spoken are done with professionalism and solemnity.  Although we are located in Tampa Bay we are open to traveling to your own wedding destination.
Here is a sampling of the types wedding ceremonies where we have been the officiant:
  • Short Wedding Ceremony
  • Beach Wedding Ceremony
  • Commitment Ceremony
  • Destination Wedding Ceremony
  • Non-Denominational Wedding Ceremony
  • Non-Religious Wedding Ceremony
  • Hand- Fasting Ceremony
  • Non- Traditional Wedding Ceremony
  • Military Wedding Ceremony
  • Religious Wedding Ceremony
  • Themed Wedding Ceremony
  • Unique Wedding Ceremonies
  • Vow Renewal Ceremony

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