Growing Together In Your Love

Create the relationship you want, together.     relationship problems

Have Commitment Issues? Unanswered relationship questions?  Something left from an old relationship?

No Problem. We can get rid of what you don’t need anymore so that this relationship meets your needs.

For many of my couples the road to an intimate, satisfying and emotionally mature relationship is one that is can be
quite painful and bumpy at times. Getting married intensifies these feelings and fears. For some couples this looks like
having an endless fight that never seems to get resolved or never being able to truly create a middle ground. Perhaps
the challenge looks like a feeling of deadness in the relationship. For other couples it looks like a complete breakdown
in communication, a drifting apart, or a loss of sexual connection.

This moves you onto a deeper path and cycle of growth. While growing in your love, understanding,and accepting each other,
you can learn to utilize the differences that arise in your relationship as an emerging vessel for growing genuine intimacy,
for finally resolving old unbroken patterns, and for healing, while experiencing a joyous, fulfilling, compassionate love.

My style as a Spiritual Couples Counselor is warm, deeply intuitive, interactive, open
and facilitative. What I can offer your partnership is an in-depth intricate opportunity to clarify, unravel, and examine
the forces that both help and hinder your growth,deepen your bond, and align you more authentically & intimately to
partner successfully with each other. I don’t just talk ‘about’ the issues, but work collaboratively with you to address
the underlying constructs that if not addressed create dysfunctional patterns of relating, shutting down from each
other, growing apart, and continuous conflict or struggle.